The Art Of Character Design - FULL PACKAGE

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Learn my techniques of how to create a photorealistic Character Concept using ZBrush, Modo and Photoshop.

In this 22 PDF pages Tutorial I will show you how to block out the form in ZBrush, how to use ZRemesher in order to create a clean topology and how to polypaint the model. I will also cover Decimation master and how to export the model into Modo for shading and rendering. In addition, I will explain how to use Photoshop for compositing the render passes and how to add those extra touches to make the image look really finished.


• 22 Pages PDF In-Depth Text Tutorial with Images

• OBJ File of Final Decimated Sculpt

• ZPR File of Final Decimated Sculpt + UVs + Polypaint Textures

• ZTL File of sculpted high poly Arm for reuse

• Modo Render Scene With saved Render Settings, Light Stettings, Render Outputs and Backplate. (I use this scene for all my projects. Simply import a model into the scene, add some materials and hit render. It‘s easy to do and it saves a lot of work!)

• 4 Modo Custom Materials used in this Project

• 12 Render Passes

• PSD File with Layers

• Final JPG Artwork

• 5 FREE Skin Textures

• 5 Videos 60+ Min Quick Timelapse of the whole Process (no voiceover)


Chapter 01 - Sculpting Arms

Chapter 02 - Blocking Out The Form

Chapter 03 - Polypainting

Chapter 04 - Rendering In Modo

Chapter 05 - Compositing In Photoshop

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The Art Of Character Design - FULL PACKAGE

15 ratings
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